Nazis and all extremist I despise

I do not hate Germans or Muslims.
My husband is a non-Jew German and I love him; I am a Jew.
That is why I do know how to differentiate, I believe, why not all groups of people are bad.
I suppose, oddly by definition, that makes me prejudice too.
Hate is a powerful feeling, not to be not understood its reasoning for all it does have rhyming to whomever believes/reasons why they hate.
People should be respectful of all peoples and not judge, although as in all murderers I believe that unjustly to kill is wrong.
I was once a person who did not believe in capital punishment.
Albeit with the ability to prove without a shadow of a doubt in a court of law I still generate some difficulty in absolute murder of an accused.
And that is only since DNA proofs have changed the guilty verdicts in so many cases.
After all who are we mere mortals who think that we can judge others?
My confusion is only as a side walk supervisor of our legal system since I am neither a law maker or initiator of the laws that rule our governments local or federal.
But as a voter I do feel somewhat of an ability to change legislative law, as rather grandiose feeling in this day and age, since even our own president has seemed to have lost that powerful capability.

Moving on...
So on this auspicious memorandum of why this day is never ever to be forgotten 9/11; I totally agree with a caveat to all who hate without selective reasoning, remember too that it was an extremist organization that perpetrated this horrendous act on our nation, not unlike the Nazis in World War Two, so not all of the people should be vilified, just a thought.
A lesson we have been tossing around every which way we can over these last fifteen years.
I believe our mark for hatred can be narrowed to JUST the Extremists' factions as we have learned.
And so throwing all the babies out with the bath water so to speak is unjust and just plain WRONG, and I hope that we can all see that!
Now as us remember your friends, families and all yours and others loved ones who had perished unjustly on this day fifteen years ago.
We had known people at all three locations where this nightmare of horror occurred.
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