138 of us again with 3 hours of no power!

September in Florida, south west Florida has historically not been this hot!
Yes, even for Florida this is very, very hot!
Thermometers are reading low nineties but the heat indexes are reading well over one hundred!

No storm, but still a power outage meaning no working air-conditioner!
I foolishly told Hubby to go ahead on his errands.

He arrived back within two hours and twenty minutes and even was able to get a verbal and visual about the why this could happen again in so short a time from the last, but in a different location.
The first one turned out to be a transformer hit by lightning during a storm just around the corner on the pole, okay, logical.

This one made no sense at first since it was sunny and clear and the other issue had been repaired.
What Hubby saw on his way home and we were in telephone communication at this point as an FPL(Florida Power and Light) truck over by the convenience store about a half mile from here.
He pulled over to speak with its occupant that was just sitting there.

Hubby got out and politely asked about the problem and when would it be fixed.
The fellow who had a small shaggy dog on his lap, explained that he had been called into action from home and the little one wanted to come along.

Anyway, he told Hubby that he was waiting for equipment to arrive and when it did that it should take only another forty-five minutes; there was loose wire hanging from a pole.

That was at 4:04 P.M., the power had gone out around a quarter to two.
Just when I was telling Hubby I should have listened to him when he wanted to start the generator before he left the power went back on.
By now the house was up to the mid eighties and I was up to around one oh one, yep even with my ice packs!

Not good for me.
You see, I had started gyrating with more spasms before the power went out due to my band exercises.
Not musical, vinyl elastic, in blue this time.

Any-who, not good, arms flailing and weak while trying to just play dominoes and spider solitaire on my phone, while lying in bed with ice packs strategically placed on my heated body!

I was a bit not happy that the house wasn't cooling down fast enough.
Hubby to me seemed to not get it and I became annoyed with him since he had been in our air-conditioned car and stores while I suffered in this ungodly heat!
Sure I can be a righteous bitch when extremely uncomfortable.( And no he did not throw that in my face.)

My fault since he did want to put the generator on, and I said no. ( Nor this)
My reasoning was since it is outside and gasoline driven, both, if the electric had gone on... well they are manual not automatic and I could not do whatever had to be done, also gas is more costly these days then when we originally bought them back in 2004 and 2005.

Last time I do that!
Yep, a learning curve for me still...

On this note of boy have I got a lot to learn, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night, and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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