Bonus post briefing on my take of Hillary

Someone please get that woman a pneumonia shot pronto!
As far as her take on the Orange Frothy Haired Guys supporters percentage wise I do believe it is correct.
Here's why he supposedly has according to the polls approximately 43% or there about, give or take a couple of points daily, of the supporters for his candidacy and of those Hillary stated half of his were misogynistic, homophobic, racist, Islam phobic etc. deplorable people, not verbatim but close, right?
In that case that would mean only about 21.5% of the entire US population and in reality that is more than just and a reasonable statement it appears to be mostly correct.
When we break it down to population:
330 million in the US give or take that would make about 68  million that would be that 21.5% of the population she referred to.
Consider all the red states 20, and let's not forget the purple undecided states 13, and Maine that is half and half, plausible now, hmm?
Information attained for 2016 by way of Wikipedia by Googling: Red States.
I'm just saying...!        
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