Headache, P.A. visit, thunderstorms violent

Consequently this will be brief.
My head is pounding terribly.
Could be rain related, sinus, or mildewed sugar free butterscotch!
Yep and what makes it worse Hubby read the carbs on it after we both consumed the ones we had kept in the glove compartment for long drives...and they were 15 grams, half of my 30 grams allowed in a day!
Queasy tummy too caused by the headache!
Feel bad, PA did take my vitals including listening to my lungs again the chest X-ray testing came back saying emphysema, but I insisted my pulmonologist said asthma!
I have been feeling poorly in the chest region like a respiratory infection, cannot have pneumonia since I had the mega inoculation for it!
Any-who, tonight I am feeling yucky so good night TTYT!     
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