Fortunately, not life and death, although, who knows it was a medication mistake!
There are bacteria that thrive in people that are resistant and my first antibiotic issued to me on the nineteenth of the month was not able to fight the good fight, killing the bad guys streaming through my body! ( They had my blood work that specified the types of bacteria that were ABNORMAL!)

Here's what happened and I don't know if I did not do what I did if things would have gotten changed to righted the mistake if noticed as quickly... I went on line and checked my bank charges, which I do nearly daily and there was a small charge from Humana RX who I had recently given access to for my quarterly co-pays that the highest is only forty-seven for a ninety day supply of my Anoro Ellipta, asthma medication that which I just received along with my Baclofen that is less than seven bucks for the same length of time pills. But I had not reordered any others and there was a small charge by Humana of $2.95.
I hope you all check for unfamiliar charges too, I am sure you do.
Any-who, I called Humana and asked the pharmacist and he said that it was a charge for Keflex another antibiotic that had been... get this called in on the same day the nineteenth by the same doctor!
The other had been called into our local Publix pharmacy for short term meds that we still use.
The pharmacist also felt it was strange since their orders take five to seven days for free shipping and a bit long for waiting for something like an antibiotic, which I get the free shipping for my regularly used medications, and seventeen bucks for overnight to me is too much!
To me its silly, especially since the local pharmacy can take care of short term meds the same day for free, no shipping, ha!

So the pharmacist and I put our heads together to figure out what happened, I even asked if it was possible that I needed both the Bactrim and the Keflex to knock it out of my system!
Well, I realized I had to go to the horses mouth and call my internist's office and ask what happened, they are usually great. I spoke with the receptionist and told her the problem and for her to have the nurse call me back to resolve this. Meanwhile my nearly processed mailed meds were almost on their way, but the pharmacist said he would see what he could do, if he didn't hear back from me he would send it and if he did he would try to stop it!

Two nurses called back separately explaining that I had to stop the Bactrim now, it doesn't work on my particular bacterium. I was surprised they didn't seem to understand the mail order business.
Meaning how long it takes to get things, youngins.
Anyway, my usual contact Janet then said she also called Humana to stop the other and so to approve the new prescription duplicated at Publix, also only two dollars and change, some are free there.
I was assured that I would receive my refund, but if the medication shipped I was to call to get a shipping label to send it back!
Hubby already picked up the Keflex, with a few other grocery items, including dinner, a rotisserie chicken, one stop shopping!

All was finally right with my tiny world, except when asked why it had happened no one said a word to tell me, only that Janet said she just found out today, hmmm?

Folks we all have to be diligent with our medications and bank accounts this is small proof how one affects the other. I have nasty bacteria in me for too long thus why I feel so bad... you see that original blood work is from would you believe August 22, yep a month ago!
Faxing aint what it used to be between offices. The bariatric nurse faxed it the day she received it, but too many medical offices are too busy to check and insist they did not get it!
Gee wiz people this is scary!

Tired, good night TTYL!
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