Later than I like to be...

For starting my blog writing to day we drove all the way to Sarasota to see my neurologist's P.A. Daniel.
I was and still am scheduled to see Dr. Negroski next month but it's less than a week after surgery and I don't think I will be ready for that one hundred mile round trip!  
The reason I had to move it up was that I need for them to sign off for my surgery.
Any-who, it was a late afternoon appointment and from there we stopped at Sam's Club for white vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and coffee as well as gas!
Oddly enough this time they were not the cheapest, on our journey some were down to 2.2.9 a gallon and Sam's was 2.5.9!
Ya never know, but that was a first for us.

Hubby has been spoiling me with grocery food that no one believe is pretty great. Lobster tails were $6.99 a piece, and stuffed scallop shells with scallops was just a couple of bucks!
He ate his store bought salads and I ate my homemade Cole slaw with my apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and light mayo as well as Stevia for just the right sweetness and low carbs.
The Cole slaw was the shredded cabbage in the bag for convenience.
Great dinner at home!
But later than usual... so this is Tobi signing off once again...
I am pooped!
Good night all, TTYT!
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