Another stormy evening!

For hours and hours we continued to hear the noisiest threatening thunder and lightning!
But not until now did the melodious sounds of rain arrive tapping upon our roof!
Yes, at least for three hours the angry gods of the sky spoke, but did not make good with the actual promise of moisture, although now it has most definitely!
Thunder still booms in the background of the orchestration of the drops touching the different surfaces enhancing more than usual tones, trying as if to create an individual tune, ten, no twenty fold.
No conductor is needed.
For the crash of the cymbals in the form of lightning is the attention getter and unifier.
Steadiness has transpired to make a heavy consistent drizzle in dulcimer tones.
The symphony is mellowing slowing, in this case hopefully ending... its foreboding frightening melodies that they shall eventually die.

Moving on...

Quiet day for most of it.
Pain has not been my friend.
Have been weaning myself down on the Gabapentin the generic of Neurontin, since the Humana pharmacist when asked felt it could be the cause for my blood not clotting right. I also Googled it and a few sites had mentioned people's personal experience with blood issues, even its medication side effects were severe in some cases with varying degrees of nastiness.
It was about time anyway.
I had upped it to 1200 mg. with approval after my fall last April, and until this past Wednesday, but now it is down to 900 mg. and this coming Wednesday I will go for another 300 mg. less. that leaves one 300 mg. pill in the morning and one at bedtime, where I had been since I had lowered it way back when from the original 1800 mg. when I first started years ago. The lower dose seems to be the safest.
Until surgery, I do know they use it for pain after, along with other meds, hopefully not the ones I'm allergic to.

Any-who, I hate that I have been somewhat bed ridden.
But I did make a few meals and achieve one load of dark wash today!
Moving still feels as if my skin is ripping off of my thighs, and the ice packs are not helping as well as before.
I have increased the Baclofen and the neuro's P.A. approved the 80mg. again just yesterday, if needed.
I took only 20 mg. more today.
My total will be sixty unless it gets excruciating, better Baclofen than Gabapentin!

On that note of I hope not, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overage's with you know whom and we will too!

 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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