Have any of you found out that ...

Some of our favorite sites are now asking us to purchase a subscription online?
One of my favorite decorating sites, and a few of the national papers are the ones that were all free, but now are asking for a fee.
Guess I will be less informed or depend on the kindness of strangers, ha?
Kidding, of course.. I still get national news on the good ole TV and PBS has how-to shows as well as spend forty bucks a year on four magazines that fit the bill, Southern Living, Coastal Living, Better Homes and Gardens and This Old House, if that's the way they want to play.
What else... let me think... oh yes I had been informed the other day that Netflix had gotten the eleventh season of Bones and guess what 22 episodes later, I am all done already
Went back to the twelfth season of Murder She Wrote, the last one!
Gosh what's next?
Maybe I will have to take some leaps of faith and go into unfamiliar territory.
The thought is slightly exciting, but don't worry not too.

Geez, how far I have fallen into obscurity!
Not that I was ever famous or anything close to that, but I was out there doing things!
Okay, I guess I had been on radio, TV and cable and ESPN, but still not famous.
I had worked in promotion with Grudge Match, MTV, NASCAR, and Harley Davidson.
Sort of ambiguous though.
Volunteered; had my writers group...
Wrote for the paper had commentary published, critiqued books, movies and restaurants.
World traveler.
Any-who, and now I am a bed writer.
Yes, bed writer, not to be confused with a bed wetter, yet, I sure hope not, but one never knows does one, ha...seeing the world from another window though these days, many, thankfully.

Although, not that nosey body of olden days, circa 1950-60s, just looking out and trying to figure out why, how, when, and if these people wonder that too, that is all.
So many walk past our home, all kinds, skinny, fat, those with dogs those without, some bicyclers, one with a motorized scooter, one on a scooter and others, many others.
Hubby calls a few on them stalkers kiddingly, since around, around they go, you see our street is a circle, ha!
I suppose perfect for any exercise plan.

One good thing has happened though, the new fall TV season has begun and now with our Netflix access and the TV we do have a wider variety of choice, and who can argue with that kind of entertainment decision making, hmm?
Not too many, just enough; as I always say we live with enough, and that is just right for us!

On that note of accepting what you have with appreciating all of it, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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