Cost to hire a new person to semi-run the country is locked in mostly give or take a few hundred thousand, true? Not a factor for either candidate, actually a pay-cut for both, they may even work for nothing with their other resources, who knows... The mayor of NYC did it, Bloomberg, he received a dollar for his service, also a billionaire.
Then why do these two people want the job so badly?
One seems to think it is another acquisition, a business deal, enjoying his inflammatory remarks,  a demigod mindset and the other seems to really have plans on many key concerns for all Americans, from domestic to international, she has the answers and good plans, the other, he, says I can't tell you until you hire me or raise me into the Emperor's position and add my immediate family of biological clones to enter the premises to join me in the kingdom of the Whitehouse, yep all white house.  
Now the two controversial candidates seem to be questionably having accusations thrown at them, his proven true, hers not, but his to many of us could possibly cause some future issues, embarrassment comes to mind, if heaven forbid elected.
Trust and hair-trigger stupidity while mouth's open behavior for him and he without government experience, and spewing bigotry on the one hand and with an AWOL third spouse that has disappeared into the woodwork due to her own missteps/misspeaks, and on the other hand a few decades of official government experiences for her with a supportive spouse with equal experiences, and an ability to be there as a sounding board, nearly a co-president!
Easy peasy no brainer AMERICA!

Vote Hillary!

Dump the Trump!

Tobi out...!

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