You remember that ear problem...

...and I thought the last time it was a spider bite?
Still don't know for sure, but it's like the fourth time it happened to the same left ear and so it was biopsied again today, second time in a little over a year.
Had PT at eleven with Jaye today then Walgreen's for tummy medication and probiotic, next lunch in Punta Gorda at Jacks on Marion where I had their famous Calypso seafood soup, a cup and a giant Hail Caesar salad, Hubby had their roast beef un jou sandwich both with ice water and sides of lemons everything was delish as always!
Then it was time for my dermatology visit at their office just blocks from there.
Two tenths of a mile closer to our home than their Port Charlotte, who knew.
A new doctor young and quite statuesque, pretty great skin Dr. Laini Gaar, said it could be just a chronic condition or in need of another biopsy, which she did.
Meanwhile I feel nasty all over.
So I will TTYL, okay?

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