Friends, Romans and all other nationalities and countrymen and women...lend me you eyes, since if I said ears you still wouldn't hear me!
The time has arrived for all good people to come to the aid of their lands, foreign and domestic.
With soft written words to soothe all the players in those lands and to remind them that now is when we should be our brethren's keepers with calmness and care and trust each one for another to be loving and peaceful forever more!
Doubt is not a word to be used ever again, trust is the word for all!
We must concede that this is the only world we have and that we must engage in positivity to maintain its persons freedoms to all reside in pleasant harmony always!
Violence is to be dissolved by the all of the most intelligent realms, which if done means everybody!
Weapons shall be dissolved, destroyed or dismantled!
We as a united race of one, being all human beings race, we must be open hearted to each and everyone of us.
Then and only then all will be right with this world, did I mention the only one we got?
Space travel for anybody is still decades away, truly, think about that, hmm?
Be realistic, Okey dokey!

Moving on...

I have noticed that you all in Russia have been reading these blogs of mine the most of all nations and so please be it known that we are people who need to be happy and healthy and have love and peace in our lives just like all of you, so be aware that we would appreciate you using those traits with us of kindness and understanding too, and we will thank you and return that behavior!
That's all!

Love to all, be well, peace, and spread blessings all a round!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS: Good Luck World in the Olympics next weekend!
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