Zero tolerance!

What has happened to morality?
Why must people still be told not to drink or drug and drive, i.e. any motorized vehicle? (Or bicycle or walk outside for that matter.)
Why isn't bigotry dead yet?
Why is bullying still something families don't discuss and teach that it is wrong to do?
Why is it that in a nation of somewhat well educated people that we still have so much to learn about social graces preventing us from embarrassing ourselves; not just us, but the rest of the world included?
Are we not adults?
Can we also learn to accept peoples' differences and save ourselves from ourselves?
Just asking.

Moving on...

Today and yesterday were for us purging the messy paperwork days in our home.
Files and baskets mostly and thankfully we do own our own shredder, which made short work of it.
So much had been saved in the name of, "maybe we need this", ha?
Not anymore.
Most all records have gone paperless and digital for years.
So we have now freed ourselves and are proud to say that we are uncluttered from the mess!
Next my deep drawers in my night stand's turn.
Most people would neaten up if... they thought what if we had a horrendous accident and did not come home one day would we want family to have to contend with our left behind disorder?
Pretty heavy duty stuff and an extreme way to think about it, hmm?
Even unexpected company seeing messiness?
I say always do it for yourself, but for further motivation think about those other things...
A project a day, but best not to let it ever get out of hand to overwhelm.

Love to all, be well, peace and spread those blessings all around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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