Both Conventions are over for the next four years...

It's as if this is the lull, baby/bridal shower/ bachelor party all done, before the BIG EVENT the wedding/baby in reality our voting this November!
Anticipation with arguing via more debates, but just the two candidates/couple who might need counseling or not with all the shouting about to begin! Gosh it has been ongoing.
One never knows does one.
Should be something, I almost said "interesting", but it has been, really, thus far?
Different I would say, embarrassing, I would agree, and it is sad too that half the adults seem to not know how to play nice, ya know what I mean?
There can only be one winner.
Thankfully, we do not live in medieval times or they might consider dueling to the end.
Hill, short for Hillary, but you knew that, could still win if that were the case, she's full of spunk, ya know?
If she looked as if she was losing, Bill would step in and back her up, have her six, he would be her second I am more than sure.
Orange Frothy Haired Guy's wife and kids wouldn't want to get themselves actual dirt dirty, and then their ward, the above mentioned, would be fired, literarily!
I hate to say this when he loses conventionally I do believe he will need to be committed, being a bad loser and all, and not to mention that he is BONKERS! In my opinion.
Yup! I'm just stating the obvious! (To most of us sane ones.)

Any-who, the upcoming debates I sure hope we get some legitimate engaging information; actually Hill has been quite explanatory and upfront in telling us how she will accomplish all our concerns with her well thought out plans, but the other one has been vague and feels it's only on a need to know basis, his apparently, no one else's which is illogical, since this is a democracy not a dictatorship! Someone should teach him about civics, the persons rights and duties as a citizen is the simple definition, all the processes that affect people's beliefs: for more details goto:

Love to all, be well, peace, and share all those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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