Where everybody treats you swell!

That's a throwback word for ya all, swell, slang, hmm?
I guess most think of something anything growing larger is to "swell", even figuratively to swell with pride" that you cannot actually see that one swelling that is, ha, but it was an older definition that I was meaning that everything is great, or if the intonation is negative it can also be "just swell", in that case it is not so good.
But in my title I do mean being treated well.
Places we seem to go to fairly regularly like the Thai CafĂ©, Olympias', Cracker Barrel, even Ruby Tuesdays, the restaurant, not Tuesday Morning the retail store (I had goofed a few blogs ago, but since fixed my mistake using one for the other, oops.) when they see me riding in they move things out of the way including that chair I wont be using; and that's downright friendly in my book!
Who is that masked woman?
This aint no western, okay western Florida that is southwest Florida to you folks, ha!
So when I mosey into any of those eateries they treat me real swell that's all I am saying, kindly like.

Moving on...

Body parts misbehaving now, shoulder, my right one, and sadly my vision has been too, blurry that is, in and out while trying to read, yep books on hold again! Dagnabbit!
I am ouching at the moment so that is it for now...

Love to all, be well, peace,
and share those blessings all around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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