Wouldn't you just know it?

Proper grammar?
Any-who, my laptop that I do know now that it is actually a notebook as per manufacturer, well it is baaaaack!
Still waiting on it to gain a full charge, it says it's at 86% and will be fully charged in 13 minutes, I don't know about that, that was a claim that it had before it completely crapped out... we will see what we will see, hmm?
Does it have to be turned completely off to hold a complete charge?
Can it be overcharged?
No one has given me any exact return info.
In fact the original box that we had kept and returned it in was not returned with it, what's with that? (Hubby was annoyed by that, since he packed it in it quite professionally I might add.)

I did learn a few things while my laptop, sorry notebook, Gosh I am only used to the paper ringed types, anyway, while it was at the techno hospital and that is that I truly have a "smart phone" although not the higher price kind, and it is an Android, but of course and definitely not a piece of fruit.
Makes sense to me since a droid is mechanical, but fruit isn't, ha, got it?

Love to all, be well, peace and share all those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS can someone remind me how to change my password on Yahoo, I've seem to forgotten, and Asus has my password?
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