Monday, Monday, cant change the day.

In reality it has been quite a while since a Monday meant that much to me. Start of school or work week for many.
Being a retired bum for all these years some days we even forget what day it is.
Or cool, yep we are a couple of cool kids?
Maybe, not kids anymore, and some days not too cool, due the thermostat saying it's too darn hot outside these days, even some Mondays!
Where was I, oh that's right Mondays never got me down, why?
I loved school and work most days!
What's not to like, truly?
It was somewhere to go and something to do without thought; alright some thought.
Now we have to think, all of the time, and occasionally that's harder now.
Not always, but some days.
Planning keeps things happening, and any day of the week is perfect for that!
Remember when becoming a retired folk start each day with a plan, hobbies, errands, appointments and travel, etc. Life goes on when you plan for it, of course it will.
Keep busy in body and mind.
I do with PT and my blog.
Hubby does with yard work and phone games!
Of course so many other ways we do too!
Odd being busy whether retired or working some days do run together even then, hmm?
So such can be life, and that's okay I guess, sure it is...
Love to all, be well, peace, and share all those blessings!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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