It finally happened... my chagrin.
Last night many read my published blog, nearly two dozen, but no one responded to whether they liked it or not...BUMMER!
I suppose harping on negativity is frowned on most everyday, especially with what is going on in this world (compared to let's say Jupiter's, Mars etc., ha, hmm?)
Olympian faking a robbery to hide a wild drunken night time experience;  Frothy Orange Haired Guy/ presidential candidate still acting like a rectal opening, sound better, guess not too, oh well?
A murderous cannibal devouring faces and posting his debauchery on YOUTUBE; no less, horrid!

But folks my negativity is a walk in the park compared to the ones that I just mentioned above and again I am confused why a company would send back a product that was in for repairs that was undone or not repaired and still not functioning as it should have been with a simple replacement of its battery that was what they knew needed to be taken care done, do you know why or how this can happen?
And why would a committee person not return a call, and how could a secretary be coming back in a few minutes at two thirty in the afternoon and still not be heard from a week and several hours later, perhaps this should be a 48 hours or Dateline story/segment, curiouser and curiouser, methinks?

Frustration is all I am saying with people not doing what they are paid for or voted in to office for; you get it, don't you? This is small scale stuff not national. Although, my computer company is American based, out in California! Name will be divulged if still not fixed!
The committee woman is local.
But the thing is I do know that I am not alone dealing with such people! Similar stories just different locales or businesses.

Oh I did get my surgery date that is in two months from now approximately, so much to still get done.
Nutritionist appointment in two weeks, blood work sooner, phycologist eval when she finally calls, the vascular surgeon is scheduled two weeks before surgery for consult and then again for out patient surgery with him a week before the major surgery to install the doohickey to prevent blood clots that will be temporary for sixty not thirty days I have been told, lots to get done!
Guess I won't need my 81 mg. nightly of coated aspirin that I have been on since my TIA in 2006.

 My conclusions:
Caring and responsibility in manufacturing is preferred, we need answers to why not being fixed, their solution: sending us another express label, yep to send it back again with a week turnaround, how truly marvelous, not!
Local government employee voted into office, our resolve: either go back in person or bombard with more calls, but we did wait one week, patient enough I think, you too I bet! Flummoxed.

Love to all, be well, peace, and share those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Corporate is to call me about the computer in 24/48 hours (Another show title perhaps, ha?) before its sent back my reasoning, do not want nothing to be done AGAIN. 

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