Interesting follow-ups

Hubby did a maneuver that was amazing and worked.
He called back the committee woman's missing secretary's office and the person who answered was told to tell her, the secretary to the committee woman, to call him back between three and three thirty today, she called at three twelve!

I did hear from corporate at the computer company via email saying that they did a pass test on the computer and that is why nothing had been done it was found compliant with their standards, but I wrote back with my insistence that it does not hold a charge and that it should, being so new and verified by the Geek Squad that it should be able to be fully charged not just in the 80's% for three years yet and so they will this time be giving me a new battery!
I also requested overnight deliveries each way and am currently waiting on the response to this.
Another week seems too obsessive time wise to wait again.

Moving on...

My ear has not healed again, and so it was back to the dermatologist's again and another dosing of anti-biotic for seven more days. I was only off of them for four.
This is one more chronic condition that makes me frustrated.
The pain was behind the ear going down the neck into my shoulder, now another reason why that left side is not good.
My new pillow to remove the pressure from my ear to help prevent the pressure sores is great and its case is now in the laundry due to my ear exuding yellow and red fluids from it, not nice, oh well!
Sorry about the TMI!

Love to all, be well, peace, and share all those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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