So I turned on my techno device, translation, "notebook", first thing this morning and the last thing that I had remembered is that it was installing updates and somehow from that when I arose to a...BLUE SCREEN in the morning! Giving righteous meaning to the expression, feeling blue, you betcha!
Telling or that should be asking me if I wanted to use the computer or wipe it clean for some unclear reason!
I chose the former, since it's the only one that I still have for ... that is until I send it back on Monday and then I will have none again!
So as anyone can well imagine when they bring you all the way back to store bought nothingness there is a lot to do retrieving your personal sites, for me: yahoo, Facebook and blogger as well as Netflix etc.. Not to mention trying to remember how to reinstall my anti-virus!
For that I had to contact the Geek Squad, and they did reinstall my paid for till this December Webroot for free, but MacAfee kept interfering so that was uninstalled. A bit of touch and go for awhile there.
Monday's problem of it being sent back due to the battery not fully charging seems so small with this other much BIGGER ONE!
I still haven't tweaked it all to my satisfaction.
Headers and bottoms, that's not right but you know what I mean access to other sites and tools etc. are still out of sight unless I look hard for them.
I was able to enlarge the font on my home page and reinstated yahoo as that again.
As I was asked by the Geek Squad a question our home phone number to give me a code the phone rang at a rather too early hour to the not happy awakening of Hubby, and I did answer it on the first ring! And yet he was truly angry with me a good portion of the day.
Much better now though.

Any-who, as I said I was able to retrieve all my necessary sites except for those issues I mentioned above.

Moving on...

My most recent binge watching on Netflix I am sort of proud or ashamed of according to maybe your attitudes about such things, but all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls was accomplished, and I have since moved on to Murder She Wrote! There are twelve seasons of that, so I am still good on the entertaining myself front.
Very, very, very important to ward off depression for anyone with stress due to family, medical
or just about any reason... mindless entertainment is good for you and me.
Especially with my two surgeries coming up and me being at high risk but knowing that I have no choice.

Love to all, be well, peace, and share those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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