Three Strikes and I am NOT OUT!

Relatable Mrs. T here... case in point, below.
How many of you out there had to go into a lab for fasting blood work?
For me fairly regularly, at first every three months, now every six all due to types of conditions I have high blood pressure, hypothyroid, high cholesterol and borderline type two diabetes for the medications that I am taking for them being regulated to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and for the most part for these last ten years they have been,
Last month I had my usual six month blood work for my internist, but when I came home my surgeon's office had sent a script for an elaborate blood work script to be done plus a lot of other things as well.
When I saw my internist to have my lab results told to me when asked about the overlap of blood work with the surgeon's being a bit more complex she, the internist, suggested that I wait until I was due to see the surgeon ten days prior to my office visit.
But wait there's more, you following this, never mind, any-who when the surgeon called me back last week they said that I should do the blood work now since there is so many that some need weeks to get results, huh?
Anyway, since I spoke with them, last week, I have been trying to get the blood work done.
Crazy as it might seem every morning that I have been getting up I forget to hold the Stevia in my coffee! I drink it black without cream of milk just that Stevia.
Silly, hmm?
A problem since it could throw an A1C test off for diabetes just like sugar, although it has zero calories.
Here's my weird dilemma for the last few morning we were going to go I forgot not to put the Stevia in!
Perhaps, I have some odd reasoning for not going, who knows?
Its got to be like some unconscious reason deep within my brain doing this thing, ya know?
Maybe not.
Only I should know, but I don't, really.
Less than two months till the surgeries, so no pressure, but I still feel positive some day this week it will get done!

Moving on...

On the binge watching front I received several notices today that NCIS season thirteen was now available.

*This blog was written on 8-21-16 but for some reason I did not get the draft here it is!
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