So we turned on Animal Planet and made sure...

...that Gus had been well walked until he was relieved and was pleasantly tuckered out, also enough food and water to hold him until our return. His six toys, chosen out of his too many to count were in his smaller travel basket for him to access plus his bed was situated appropriately on Hubby's side of the king bed so I wouldn't run him over during the night. Even so Hubby said when he opened the door Gus was asleep on the easy chair in the corner, perhaps better viewing for the TV show?
The blinds were an iffy idea to leave open or not, barking could happen or our almost Snoopy-esque watching quiet guy could just enjoy the view, as he does when we watched him watching outside. The most important part is making sure no dangerous items to him were in reach, and the other main ingredient for a successful puppy home/hotel room alone is not leaving him longer than five hours as if home too. We arrived back within four!

We had a lovely time with Number One Son and his gal, lunch at the Olive Garden, they treated this time and insisted when they come by us we can treat them, since there was nearly an outright argument with the check flying back and forth.
The Tampa Museum of Art was showing a Peter Max collection :, Indiana :, and others in a fashion world display from the Roaring Twenties, as well as ancient artifacts and sculptures. Well worth the price of admission, kidding since with our Bank of America cards, all four of us got in FREE! But it was worth the visit and the time spent with our son and his girlfriend was priceless!

Tomorrow, two more!

Love to all, be well, peace, and spread those blessings around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Taco Bell for dinner, breakfast was on La Quinta!

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