Rain, rain dagnabbit, go away! Now!

Hot cold nauseous chills sporadic.
Hubby and I did go out today on our continuing journey of museums, make that one more...
Gale force winds with teaming down rain did put a damper on our travels today; pun intended.
MFA, Museum of Fine Art in St. Pete was over forty miles from our location in north Tampa.
The trek via our drive through highways where people change lanes like they are playing an unfriendly game of chicken!
But we survived and did eventually get to visit the museum after lunch at Stillwaters right across the street. Hubby had a Cuban sandwich with fries and I had their Cedar Key clam chowder with an actual clam including its shell in it with a compact/small Caesar salad, cold water and lemons on the side, no ice.
Being the museum was across from the restaurant even with the nasty rain I rolled across while Hubby put his left over fries in the cooler in the car.
The entrance, I thought had a sign that there was a wedding inside the museum, appearing to indicate not to use that entrance, which turned out to be only an emergency one. Another couple called to a man inside and knocked on the door and the security guard let us in as the canvas giant displays slapped/ snapped and nearly ripped in the nasty wind.
The ramp went right up to that door.
So what was I to think I had not been there before and from outside it did not indicate that it was an emergency one.
We spent about forty-five minutes perusing their exhibits that were from every era/century and from all over the world in all mediums, much to see.
Again free today with our Bank of America cards, saving $30 today for two!
Yesterday, only fifteen for the two saved.
Anyway, by the time we got back to the car even with our two umbrellas, one enormous for a family and the other a one person we were still damp and cold/chilled and actually put the heater on in the car, August in FLORIDA, and I even wrapped up in the velour towel that we bought to keep my ride's seat from getting hot, but it was brrr weather here!
So when we got back in to drive the only five blocks to the Florida Holocaust Museum that we would have gone via sidewalks if the weather was permitting, no parking was available and the time was getting late for Gus, so we opted on going home back to our hotel. We had been to the one, i.e. Holocaust museum, in Naples, and we vowed to come back for this larger one in the future.

Hubby just now called to tell me he found the Subway that he is getting our dinner from, tuna for me, and his?

That's all for now...

Love to all, be well, peace, and share all those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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