Sitting on one's own head diagnosis?

We arrived home safely in spite of torrential rains following us all the way, it was around one thirty.
We had only one message on the landline /house phone from Karen in my dermatologist's office asking me to call back to discuss their findings of my left ear scrapings and biopsy; the call was from Friday afternoon.
Always a little nervous when they call back sooner rather than later about these things, those tests were just done that Monday, since it's been my experience it is never good news, but this time it was not too bad news.
According to the two tests, which I had forgotten that there were two, well according to the results there was NO CANCER, just an infection and a PRESSURE SORE on my earlobe.
I swore I only sit on my buttocks, tushy, bum, derriere, etc. etc., but apparently lying on that side while sleeping and watching the TV has caused this returning issue, who would have thunk it, really!
I thought that pressure sores only happened to the elderly in nursing homes on their backs or on the way down to the lower level or those who were paralyzed and unable to move at all, so today I learned something new again!
Since the topical anti-biotic is not doing the job they called in an oral one too, only for seven days,  which Hubby picked up with a rotisserie chicken and sides, and milk and some other stuff, ice cream I think, all at Publix, the grocery store with a RX too.

I did get food poisoning on the trip again, from what I do not know, but it was nasty, so this medication probably will help that too.

Love to all, be well, peace, and share all those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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