On the road again!

Arrived at our secret destination before three.
Meeting up with Number One and his gal tomorrow for lunch at Olive Garden and possibly sightseeing together on our museum weekend, three are scheduled for our three day whirlwind mini vacation.
Tired, although I did not do much at all.
Hubby is the in-charge guy.
Dinner in tonight, soup and crackers cheddar and salami, brought from home, fridge and microwave in room, as always.
Roll in shower, and Gus is allowed, Gosh so many dogs here as I write they are barking, but not our Gus!
He started to answer them, but we said no and our little darling listened, not a peep out of him!

That's it for tonight!

Love to all, be well, peace, and spread those blessings all around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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