So I wanted to write something...

...and after a fairly uneventful day, I received an email that upset me.
Actually, at first it made me happy and excited. The email was from FedEx saying that my notebook was on its way back to me!
Yay, hooray!
Much sooner than I had thought.

But to my disappointment when I scrolled down it said it would arrive on September 7 th , in eight days? Not at all what I had been told or agreed to, it was supposed to be shipped either overnight or two day express, while writing this another email just update stated it was being shipped via ground delivery and the arrival date has not changed!
Asus and Mr. Robert Tinsley to you I am a very unhappy customer!

Mr. Tinsley was my so- called  liaison and corporate contact. Very disappointed by this!
If it hadn't taken two tries to rectify the problem it would have been resolved the first time.
As of today my computer has been out of my possession fourteen days, and now additionally eight more!
To me that appears to be rather excessive and just plain wrong!

Any-who, I will not be dealing any longer with the Asus company upon the return of my computer!

PS when I tried to email back to Mr. Tinsley it stated his email was no longer working! It sent back English and Asian writings with a long form to be filled out with unknown to me info and ridiculous questions, aggravating.
I still have his phone contact number that I will try tomorrow.

On this too many questions note and not enough answers, allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night, and ask you all to share all of your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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