Contentious: meaning is to cause an argument, controversial.

Today was one of those types of days.
Without giving too much away it was an argumentative day, but by the end of the day successful.
And no, it was not with Hubby!
A business frustration, again, but seems to be resolved that is it will be soon.

Moving on...

Actually, to conclude yesterday's itinerary. My last stop before home was to the dermatologist for my ear recheck on the pressure sore healing. I had one antibiotic pill left, and although it looked to be getting better it left a bloody yellow mess on my BBB special ear pillow case and it is still sore.
I was given three choices on what to do now.

One: have another biopsy.
Two: to use the topical prescription steroid medication twice a day for three weeks.
Three: go to a surgeon and have him surgically remove the cartilage that keeps having the issue.

I decided that "one" was redundant, since I already have had two biopsies that were proven to be benign, but that could be a last resort. (Always a silly millimeter off so they say.)

The second choice seemed the least intrusive, first do no harm and all that, besides I still have two tubes left of the prescription.

The third choice would definitely be an extreme choice and probably deforming, but if all else fails...nah I enjoy my short haircut too much. It would be different if it was cancerous then of course I would do it!

On those TMI notes allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night, and ask you all to share all of your blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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