Pu pu platter, egg drop soup, orange chicken combo!

Good comfort food!
Chinese American food, since most is not served in China!
Or is it?
Why is Chinese food alright to consume, but we are considered disloyal if we purchase other Chinese or made in China products?
Not funny.
Just a thought.

Any-who, since a child I have associated Chinese food with family and comfort, odd? I think not; after all I am a Jew, Geez it's almost a tradition! LOL!

Yes, we even cut our non-Kosher teeth on pork fried rice without too much guilt, not to mention those great spare ribs! Beef? I think not, ha.

Another one of those no longer too taboo topics, hmm? We've come a long way babies! Hypocrisy? Nah, but I think my very kosher cousin was, two sets of dishes and everything one for dairy and another set for meat, but cooked bacon outside on the barbecue, okay, no harm, no foul... Who cares; not me, since I'm not kosher, only as a kid going to the Catskills!
Anyway, it prepared me for my Catholic husband, maybe?

Who knows...forty-five plus years what does religion have to do with it, hmm?

Something to think about, hmm?

On another note of insignificant babble allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy  good night, and please share all those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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