Who isn't?
Dreary wet loud shocking weather.
Conducive to tiredness.
So I slept and oddly enough it did not refresh.
Who knows, but still very tired.
Started the day riding with Hubby to return the sleep testing equipment in Venice.
From there to Punta Gorda for lunch at Jack's on Marion for their luscious Calypso seafood bisque soup and salad, all you can eat. Mine was Caesar this time with anchovies, it's been years since I had any. They were an interesting memory of how that used to be the way all Caesar salads were served. I used to also get them on my pizza.
Hubby had his usual too roast beef, un jous, we both had ice water with lemon s on the side. I only had a second cup of that incredible soup due to Hubby sharing and the salad was so enormous I didn't even finish the first serving!

Body is not only very weak with exhaustion, shoulders are very sore and that makes this hard to do!
Supper half eaten...done.
Good night.
There's more to tell ...till tomorrow!

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