"Turn off the TV and the computer and exercise your mind with a good book."

Do, Do, Do, Do...DO!
It's as if I am being watched...SCARY!
That was an odd modern fortune cookie message and it was mine and a correct assumption, oops. Have to work on changing things up a little.
Hubby's was also right on target as well, but he does do what it suggests, "You have many special gifts, go experiment with them!" His, "Honey-dos", qualify I think, albeit, he is quite diverse in those gifts.
Okay, I do believe that both were a bit too preachy, hmm?

Tonight, as you may have already guessed we had Chinese food for dinner.
We shared a quart of lobster lo mein, and a quart of egg drop soup, with still enough left over for another meal.

And although China City's prices went up we both still were able to eat for under fifteen bucks and we will eat again from the same take out choices tomorrow, not a bad deal in my opinion!

We do appear to eat out and take out a lot more than many I suspect, but it's my fault since I feel guilty that Hubby does too much for me as it is, so for him to cook too often too is expecting a lot from any husband who is also a care giver of a disabled wife, in my opinion.
Boy, am I opinionated tonight, so what else is new, ha?
That's what this blog is all about, my opinions, true?

Not every night though that Hubby does it all.
I still try to help, but sadly it is minimal.
Not because I am lazy, well sort of these days, but in reality it is just because I cannot, and that does make me sad and very frustrated.
Marriage is a partnership if done right.
Oh well, just thoughts...at least my brain still functions, sort of, another one of my opinions, ha.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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