I didn't light the fire...

Dr. Nord, Bealls Outlet, McDonalds, Radio Shack, Tuesday Morning and Sports Rehab...SIX and all before two P.M.; all in four and half hours, start to finish!
No Billy Joels here, but my history for today was humongous, ha!

Dr. Nord, six month check up, A1C down a point, Cholesterol down seven, Triglycerides down twenty-seven, thyroid medication continues to be just right!
Beall's Outlet, three items: two bathing suit cover-ups that make perfectly adorable tops for slacks, one white man shirt look in front with rolled up sleeves but in back a cut out lacey see-thru, the other a navy simple one but with jazzed up lace trimmed sleeves both in cotton and one real cute peignoir set that has a flamingo print robe, real sweet!
McDonalds, lunch: Santa Fe Salad for me with grilled chicken, Hubby Big Mac and mediums fries, two ice waters.
Radio Shack, time to waste after lunch at Mickey D's, but check out their stereo systems for the TV; not in our/Hubby's price range, STICKER SHOCK, even on sale.
Tuesday Morning, more fish hunt, getting to be more like a snipe hunt, tee hee, more wasting time until...!
Sports Rehab, for PT, physical therapy and assessment, more therapy was added on and then onward to...


See we are busy bodies, but not nosey bodies, ha!

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings for all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS: Too close to home...not far from here. Our hearts go out to Ft. Myers and their most recent horrors; it does seem like our prayers appear not to be heard, sadly.
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