Another day another test

Duplex arterial us=ultrasound=lower extremities.
Again my chair planed for the test, once the gurney was removed the tech began.
Being the test was at one thirty we ate lunch at home, nostalgically eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, smooth peanut butter, I prefer chunky, but that's what we had, and apricot jam, mmm, mmm, good! And of course the obligatory soup too! Oddly and surprisingly great tasting light baked potato soup by Campbell's, of course.
Not a combo most would prefer, but what the heck thinking out of the box is fashionable, true?

So after the test we did go to Publix, our grocery store.
We stocked up on tuna BOGO @ $3.99 eight cans that means fifty cents apiece, what a deal!
Light soups also eight cans.
Great for light dinner or lunch.
Sounds like we didn't buy much but when all was said and done we spent over two hundred and fourteen bucks for this and that's!
Maceo, the produce guy, welcomed me as if I'm a long lost loved family member with hugs and air kisses, so very sweet of him, nice man.

Then again as always the trip brought us home.

Oh today I brought my fortune cookie message to fruition with rekindling my Kindle with ten chosen books. I once had been a voracious reader, a book a day was my motto and that had been done.
But my compromised eyesight, legally blind, for about four years caused the lapse, and once surgically corrected my excuses have been plentiful for the last two years, for shame.
I am changing that and in spite of our hectic schedule I got in fourteen chapters so far, of an autobiography, My Mother Was Nuts, of Penny Marshall, a dancer, an actor comedienne, writer, author, director and so much more.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings all around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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