Fish located in its position

If only...nah!
Never mind.
Many of us wish for things that are not that easy to come by, while others of us don't bother to think outside of the box at all, who's worse?
No judging here.
Oh maybe, just a bissel, a little, a teensy weensy, perhaps.
Imaging what could be is another form of a wish.
Sometimes it is left unspoken due to fear of being thought of as being silly, odd, or too outrageous!
But at times speaking your thought can be freeing, in the sense of putting ideas out there.
Don't get me wrong not to do it to be told you are smart, dumb or crazy, but to validate that you are thinking.
Oh I don't know...much, hmm?
Speak up and out is all I am trying to say!

Moving on...

Today, I did something stupid, yes again!
Most of us in our family do what doctors tell you to NEVER do and what is that one might ask, no but say you did for argument's sake, okay, and that is clean our ears with a Q-tip...I suppose most of you know where I am going with this... well... perhaps for the same reason I stopped cutting Hubby's hair a while back I should have stopped using Q-tips to clean the inner part of my outer ear, my hands tend to jump when I least expect them to, and that is what occurred this morning after my shower when I was cleaning my right ear after my left one was done successfully. My hand jumped and I felt the pain, but thought it was a momentary glitch, nothing serious.
After lunch I took a nap and my outer part of my ear was sore behind the ear, you know where.
Normally, with sinus and frequent earaches I put an alcohol dipped cotton ball in my ear and it seems to help, and so I did this again. Although this time after a while the cotton ball had a yellowish stain on it and at first I just figured it was more than likely just ear wax, but then it was red, blood!
So I Google it and it came up with infection, injury to the eardrum or severe head injury! And I did remember the painful cleaning of this morning...
Well, I had no symptoms of any infection or head injury, well except my usual that is... I had Hubby check to see if the outer part of the ear was cut or scratched and he said that my ear canal was caked with dried blood!
The article said if it is a ruptured eardrum to keep it dry, and when showering put a Vaseline dipped cotton ball in it to do that, so I removed that alcohol one and foolishly put the Vaseline one in and then reread for the shower protection and so now I have a dry cotton ball in it, hope this keeps the dirt out?
Feeling FOOLISH!
Good thing I have my GP office visit early this week, that's all.

Love to all, be well, and not stupid, peace and blessings all around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! (I hope that I will be hearing too! Bud dump da)
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