Summer mode

Enough already with the fears of the dangerous weather!
We in Florida, not all the we's, just me I suspect, forget that this IS our rainy/hurricane season!
Whew, poo, poo, poo hope I didn't just jinx us with the mentioning of that "H" know the one, hurricane, Geez that was close, hope no one heard me upstairs!
Thor or whomever causes such things, ya know?

So I suppose now I can move on to regular programming, blogging that is!

I had a rude awakening a few hours ago.
What was that one might ask?
I know you didn't, since I still can't hear you, but for argument's sake let's say that you did, okay?
I have run through all twelve seasons of NCIS on Netflix!
Did the same with Bones, and almost every single HGTV show they have, so now what?

The fall new shows seem so faraway for NCIS and Bones, although Fox has one more new show for Bones until the fall this coming Thursday @ eight, their season's last until then!
So many other shows available, but I suppose I am a bit picky.
Although, my tastes are eclectic, more so than most I think.
So far though with only having this streaming availability for the last two months my exploring has led to a somewhat safe area with my choices.

I won't dare ask any of you to suggest, because that would not be fair; tastes being what they are and all.
But perhaps, I should stop the whole shebang of streaming for a while.
Hubby watched some movies and he is now only on the fifth season of NCIS.
See I have retired to bed due to how I have been feeling while he has his viewing pleasure in the living room, thus not being on the same entertainment pages.

I got it!
My old favorite movies are choices too!
Back to the Future, all of them I think.
ET that I started one early morning.
Anything Spielberg truly would be good.

Love to all,  be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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