Saturday, July 16, 2016

Black as the night at only five thirty in the evening!

Storm promising to come in from the inland counties.
Blaring roaring thunder preceding the moisture.
Swimming pool acting as if blue JELLO or like Jurassic Park with its nearly wave like actions!
Wind, perhaps gale force moving the rains now on a east to west angle, hitting the window in our bedroom as if wanting to come in!
Thankfully, we have strong storm type enclosures.
Even without the shutters on there is much protection!
On the radar map it comes in in bold yellow and red colorings.
Warnings of severe thunderstorms are announced on our phones and TV, but no tornadoes!
Lightning too, reports minute by minute.
Sinuses, headaches, earaches can all be blamed on the barometric pressure!
Oh joy adding to the pains one must endure daily.
Very, very LOUD!
Exploding due to another high heated temperature day!
Frightening, in the sense of possible electric outages being caused?
So I will end here for now good night to all!
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