Eclectic I told you so, and I was happy to know that the five seasons of Breaking Bad an AMC series well renowned and Emmy winning was included in my Netflix choices.
It's a cable show and anyone who knows Hubby and me we have not had cable now since March of 1995!  
But we knew about this show and others due to discussions on network programming that we do have.
And for my binge watching needs this show fits the bill.
Although my last two shows were more seasons apiece, more than twice as many years and still going strong, hope I am not let down when it ends... this one's intensity and tantalizing story line though might be more appealing taken in smaller doses in shorter quantitative tastings.
Thankfully my cringe factor has been squelched and my judgmental old Jewish woman instincts have been thrust back to my childhood when I nearly watched burlesque type shows up in the Catskill mountains without a flinch!
All making me more open-minded now, as one should be at this stage of her life, truly!
The concept of the tale is as old as time itself, circumstances beyond this man's control make him need to become, shall I say, creative, yes that will do, in how to support himself and his family. 
Of course that includes not such legal means, but this is fiction folks, although some might agree that it is a possible conclusion to some people's ways of fixing their money needs.
Sadly, the root of a lot of evil, money that is... Oops there I go again!
But in reality goodness and sweetness cannot pay the bills, and we all have that, don't we?
A man like that works hard all his life, even at fifty with two jobs, and who has a loving wife working too, and a beautiful son with special needs and another baby on the way and top it all off with him being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and never having smoked a day in his life!
Using your teaching chemistry skills to run and make meth in a lab for easy money, BIG easy money, could somehow seem like the answer to all your financial woes... and so that is the synopsis of this series, which I sort of surmised from all I heard through the years, it ran from 2008-2013, five whole years. So my journey has begun...finished so far Season 1 pilot 1 and that skillfully made the image match my previous accountings...years to go.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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