Onward and upward

Padded shelf standing brace to lay your arms with bars of plastic to grab on to as I stood once again between the even parallel bars. My left wrist/hand was my assist side from push off from my chair, since my right wrist appears to be too sore to be helpful with the adjusting to my standing position, but success was had!
Bending my feet from my ankles with lifts of both feet as I sit, counts of ten reps, raising arms up and down to a count of ten, no make that twelve.
Quite an exhausting workout!

After we exchanged our wrong copier ink for new at Office Depot, very helpful and pleasant Hubby reported, as I waited in the car.
You see, the new Wi-Fi HP copier we had gotten just this past December 5th is now obsolete and so when we went to replace its ink nothing was compatible, and so we went back to Best Buy and asked them what had happened they confirmed it was now an obsolete product and replaced it with a brand new next generation one that was twice as much without the additional charge to us and its ink use promises to be much more practical and greener, longer lasting.
Both companies were surprisingly very generous and pleasant.

After we ate lunch at Firehouse Subs, Hubby had his pastrami NY steamer and I had their salad also named firehouse @ 370 calories, and Hubby's was 720! But he could use them and I do not need them, we both had ice water with lemons on the side.

Then gas at Sam's Club for $2.03.9 a gallon, lastly Publix and then home!

Hubby is picking up pizza from Bocca Lupa's full moon tonight, so half price large!

Whew and so we made another fruitful day under our belts.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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