Soul searching!

At times assumptions, they can be true.
But then I giggle because to assume means to most making an ass of you and me!
Cringe factor has been numbing over the years.
Any-who, a Facebook friend who is from where I grew up, but he moved there after I had moved away with my parents, one town over, is quite politically passionate.
And suggested I was friends  with people whose feelings politically were the polar opposite of mine.
I foolishly insisted that I do not associate with people who are for the presumptive GOP candidate that I find disgraceful and an embarrassment to all I hold near and dear as an American, with he projecting hatred of most all people that are different from himself... but after some very short research by reading the ongoing discussions about such things on Facebook I found many people I did go to school with had complete opposite feelings politically from myself!
Not shocking or disturbing, but more like a rude awakening, I profess to accept all people and for all groups and also believe that everyone has a right to think whatever they want, but not try to make me concede to their ideas, and to respect me as well for what I think to be right.
Mutual respect and acceptance is all I ever ask.
Although, a bit unnerving when you get right down to it, and I secretly fear that their thoughts might be bigoted, and that their expressed hate for the way the government has been run by our current president when you yourself voted for him twice, scares me!
So much hate is deafening!
And a boy I had a crush on in second grade is now quoting the Frothy Orange Haired Guy spewing's, yeah I am pissed!
See my cringe factor has truly diminished.
I feel horrid that my radar on people's character is so off, how could I be so wrong?
Women who I thought were my dear ole gal pals from school appear to be Neo Nazi sympathizers, Gosh how could I be so wrong?
I'm too old for any of this, so let's keep this between us.
Most of us grew up with the same values, or so I thought.
Suburbia in the 1950's and 60's, sure was bit paranoid due to the cold war and many including us had a bomb shelter in the basement and worked for Civil Defense, my Mom was a co-president of our local chapter or some such thing.
Then we realized if those bombs struck here/there none of that would do any good!
In the 1960s sure we were divided with our boys going to war whether they wanted to or not due to the draft, many did go willing and many stayed home, some fled the country, and others stayed and complained about the war taking our brothers, sons, fathers, friends, and the younger ones, eighteen to twenty couldn't even vote but could die in a war that most could not even understand why we were there, it was a civil war in a far away land, called Viet Nam!
But they went and a lot came home in body bags, too many.
And me with a brother who fought in another similar war in Korea over a decade before, all I could remember from the age of five is visiting my brother at the VA hospital in Washington D.C. with amputees and other not nice for five year olds to see injuries, scary and long lasting, etched in my brain for eternity. My brother had no outward scars, his were all inside, he had PTSD before anyone knew what it was called, he had been a medic in the Air Force and saw more than his brain could process, he was one of those kids that couldn't vote for their choices, nineteen when he signed up.

So that stuck with me, I guess and molded my feelings about all wars, they were bad, wars, and people were good, especially soldiers! So I love soldiers still and still to this day hate all wars, so hate me for that!

Politically it had an enormous effect on me and my thoughts, and so I guess that is one of the many reasons I am a "LIBERAL", if it means anti-war, and proud of it!
So that includes all of the downtrodden, minorities, that I am a proud person of being a Jew, disabled, and most recently an obese person. I used say that being a woman was a minority, but percentage wise we are not, but how we are still treated in pay in the workplace we are still not equitably treated or about the ability to choose for ourselves about bodies with pregnancies or preventing them or abortion. Not for me personally, but I do believe that all women should have the right to make that decision and no one has the right to tell us that we don't.
This is America and so many rights have been questioned that it hurts my soul to think that there are people who want to shut the door and prevent others who also want the ability of our freedoms of so many things not to be allowed to be here!

Read what is on the Statue of Liberty you Frothy Orange Haired Guy!
Hate is not in our vocabulary, at least it wasn't, shouldn't be especially now that we all need each other, always, and that is why they most only want in to escape persecution, and your ancestors did that too!

And here I thought I had nothing to say tonight...oh well, hope it hasn't fallen on deaf ears.

Love to all, even my naysayers, be well, even the ones who have never been ill, peace, to the whole world home included, and blessings to even the many of us who question if there is a deity!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 


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