"Look! Good fortune is around you."

And so I did.
Look that is, and sure enough I found that it is; good fortune that is.
Funny how sometimes reminders come from the strangest places.
Oh I do realize that things could be worse, but I try not to too often think about how bad it could get, i.e..
And it inevitably will, of course it will due to the MS, but why harp on it truly.

So much discussion from a non-specific non-personal source.
I bet you all guessed by now though of where this face smacking, figuratively speaking of course, that it came from a fortune cookie, hmm?

Yes, tonight Hubby and I shared a quart, not finished yet of lobster lo mein, along with egg drop soup, and also a few fortune cookies, mine was the one above.
I did eat it, which is odd, I usually don't, since I feel someone changed the recipe from the ones I used to remember from childhood, yep fifty years ago.
To me these taste like sugar cones, which is in my mind what sugar cones should taste like NOT fortune cookies, sorry!
Fortune cookie to me had their own unique formula of flavoring, indescribable, sorry.
But don't we all have memories associated with foods' flavors, and scents of things bringing those wonderful times back to us?
Rarely are those particular senses are wracked up to be negative recalls.
And let me be clear these cookie where NOT negative, just different and slightly off; so I usually give mine to Hubby, but tonight, maybe because of what it said, I did eat it.

Tonight, I once again found myself in need of room service, yep bedroom service, so I was trayed, bed trayed, no such word as trayed my spell checker says.
But that is what I call to be delivered my meals in my bed, due to not being able to get out of it;
ankles swell regularly these days due to chair, a form of lymphedema.
So when we get home from errands like we did today, PT this time with Jaye, a woman, four weeks down here from New Hampshire, and after getting gas for 2.05.9 at the Sam's Club then lunch at Applebee's, where we had soup and half sandwiches and our iced waters with lemon on the side.
Lastly checking out stuff at Home Depot for repairs new doors needed for our side courtyard shed, but Hubby has to get it when me and BIG Blue are home.
Oh I almost forgot I did get a beach towel from Beall's Outlet, a velour bold printed one, large enough to throw onto BIG Blue, my chair's name!
Keeping her cool is important for me, and I also wore my cooling vest in and outside due to the heat!
It did help, very well.
I have to remember to get the new one that I can have, since I waited the five years required, I must call tomorrow, the Velcro is detaching from the one I have. I suppose I can use the fabric glue temporarily, but it is fraying too, oh well it is time for a new one. 

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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