Heated up!

Even with rains and fires all over the country and other lands too with flooding and killings due to nature's wrath.
Many parts of our country have numerically reached triple digits with their local weather.
Here our numbers are very high at double digits, but with heat indices the feels like temperatures are way over one hundred, some are as high as one hundred fourteen!
The Gulf water temperature is ninety!
Some may say that is so nice, but no it isn't not enough contrast to be refreshing and if anything develops off the coasts of Africa or even in the Gulf here the probability of a hurricane can be much more possible, they LOVE warm water!
Not yet.
Nothing is out there.
But it is still July, just July.
More hurricanes form in August and September than July, and by then without enough cooling rains, what will those south eastern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico water temperatures be by then?
Something to think about, hmm?

Moving on...

Today, I once again had PT, physical therapy with Jeff.
My PT person has me doing stretches and balancing in the respect of leaning forward, as well as marching in my chair, also stretching with the yellow band held in my hands.
I still have spasms during everything.
But I have been getting cold packs when there for my neck and back to help the ridiculous overheating that seems to be inevitable coming in from just from the parking lot, even when I speed up to their automatic door and enter in a very short time period! Crazy!
My seat of my chair heats up when Hubby removes it from our back of the van, in seconds it seems to get very hot, hot, hot!
The seat is fabric but the whole thing is black, only the base trim is blue, vivid, my favorite.
Any-who, I suppose taking a towel might be advantageous to cover it all up; like I used to do in my all white outside Mustang, but with pretty blue vinyl inside that also got very hot when I was working in entertainment way back in the early 1990's in Daytona.
Since then I made sure all of our vehicles had fabric inside for that very reason.
Florida gets very, very warm, DUH!
So, that can be one solution and perhaps the other would be to put in for another cooling vest that I can since the five years for doing such things were up in April!

Now I have some sort of a plan of attack to resolve my heating up issue.

Oh another thing, I did have History of Art courses while in college and I did quite well in it receiving A's, so I have always enjoyed going to museums, from all the NYC to all of the European ones while there.
And even when our boys were small a great way to keep them busy on rainy days during camping trips, and they loved going to the Smithsonian, several times, not to mention the local historic ones also in PA and NJ!
Recently I found out that our Bank of America credit cards give you free access to certain museums on the first weekend's of every month! http://about.bankofamerica.com/en-us/global-impact/arts-and-culture.html
Check your cards too, perhaps you have that available, it appears to be national, perhaps international, since they are.
So now Hubby and I have decided to go to the in state offerings, periodically for long weekend cool vacations. Since I cannot be a beach person any longer this will be just another fun idea, probably starting in August if it doesn't interfere with my up coming surgery.

Love to all, be well, peace and spread the blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS For all you tourists our waters here do not have that muck that is on the other coast, just saying folks...thinking, all of the time, ha!

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