Are illegal in most states as well as here in Florida, unless you sign a paper "stating their use to chase birds from your property", dangerous loophole.
In New Jersey they were also illegal, but it never seemed to stop people.
Deaths, fires and body parts blown off was and has been the most horrid results of parents not supervising their children or even when they have with what is essentially explosives!
Sure they make pretty designs in the sky, but even professionals in the field have been injured or maimed, and at times killed.
Leaving them to the "experts" is not only practical, but also safer.
Locally it amazes us on how many can or will set off hundreds maybe thousands of dollars worth in our lower income neighborhood while living in a rental home or driving a heap.
Yep, priorities.
At one time this was a somewhat middleclass vacation home neighborhood, and the ones who bought to renovate and live full time or at least half the year showed pride in caring for them.
But due to the hurricanes, and the economy, many sold out cheap allowing people to choose to fix them up for a more transient society, causing homes values to fall, and the interest in maintaining them less than pristine, sadly.
Why not move, one might ask?
Well, our surrounding homes upkeep has had a domino effect on the neighborhood with values not earth shakenly creating "appreciation", interesting word with many meanings; such increase in value as well as interest in caring for.
Plus we have been here eighteen years and have watched the ebb and flows of how it has gone... and always hope that our care and renovations to our needs are just that we are always tweaking it, but we do love our tiny home of just over one thousand square feet, our enough and forever home.
Besides we were here first before most!
All we can do is hope that people who have love of home whether ownership or even renting move in each and every time and show their love too, that is all.
And so we maintain our home with hopes that it encourages others to do the same and makes the neighborhood more desirable for desirables!
Funny, right now the three homes that do surround us are rented and when Hubby mows our lawn they seem to follow suit too.
Yep, good behavior can be contagious.
Oh and that other thing, that important thing, about safety with "fireworks", I feel that between Hubby being a Fire Chief in NJ and a deputy down here in Florida, retired after nearly a quarter century of both, the horror stories have been way too many!
So please enjoy it all, but be safe!

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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