On the eve of an important day in our history!

The festivities have begun!
Probably since Friday! I used to believe as a child that it was to celebrate my birthday.
Early start to celebrate on tomorrow being our 240th birthday of our independence, July fourth! Easy to remember since our youngest son was born on the year of the bi-centennial, and he had turned forty in February with a special birth certificate was given out to him then, when he had been born, very festive!
Odd how the UK just got it for themselves within the past month, independence, after all these years, ha, hmm?
Sharing anything is difficult for most, but have you noticed that countries seem to have the worst ability to do it, and why should they have to, really?
Individuality is a fair commodity to have.
But being unfriendly is not, neither is isolationism, ya know?
Now in truth no man stands alone, nor woman for that matter.
We eventually find we need one another and then trust is what we can share too.
Funny how like adolescents needing their freedom to spread their wings, some citizenries do as well.
And so the saying goes if you let them leave they shall come back to you, or some sort of a smart para formation, i.e. information, of a metaphor of an idiom then expression, right, you all know what I mean.
Sure you do.
The reference was for stubborn people/countries included etc..

Any-who, what I have been trying to do is validate our desire to scare dogs, and small children, and wow ourselves with magnificent colors with loud musical accompaniments yonder up high in the sky and for them too, those little ones, to change their fears into ahhhhs! Usually by holding their ears in an effort block the noise while pointing up.
Yes, and so very, very loud, and colorful and scary at the times of so many non lethal explosions causing excitement and LOVE for one's country is easily expressed and understood by the whole darn world!
For even though traditions may be slightly different, we all have them, and that my friends is the commonality of all human beings!

Love to all, be well, peace and blessings to spread around always!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS The ye ole broken record lady here still insists for you to have fun, but be puleese be safe too!

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