66 not 666!


No... and here's why.
The devil did NOT make me do it, luck apparently did, getting older. Yes my quote, "The only alternative to not getting older? Dead, of course, silly!" So yep I am lucky, since 66 is...

My New Age as of 6:30 P.M., born at six pounds eleven ounces, nineteen inches long, if I recall what I had been told, polite then waiting until after dinner that my parents had been out at another couples' home, to my parents who were older then, than most, at thirty-nine and forty-three years of age.
Yep, sixty-six years ago today I was a small baby, but aren't most all of us?
Mom had help, I think, don't recall being told who.
Actually my Mom was young for her age, how did I know this, well I would come home from school and she would be busy in the kitchen doing housewife chores(1950s folks, just saying) and dancing to the rock and roll music on the radio.
Well, not full out dancing, more like swaying to it...ya know what I mean?
Pleasantly enjoying the beats.
She had sung, her sister Lilly, two years younger than her was the dancer, as far as I know the next in line two years younger again than Lil was Barney and he did not have that type of talent, neither did Pearl at least no one mentioned it, two years younger than him and lastly was the baby, Bill, he, two years younger still than Pearl.
Yes, my Mom was the eldest of the five.
And no she was not the maternal type even then I was told.
Didn't have to be, my grandparents had help for that.
These are just facts, no mean spirit involved, just the facts of what I had been told.
Grandma and Grandpa were not real old with that bunch since Grandma married Grandpa way back then at the tender age of sixteen having my Mom two years later, and each child every two then after.
Oh this was way back in the years 1909, married, child bearing form 1911 to 1921, way back!
Grandpa was from Russia, Grandma was from England, and they were wealthy first from their  dairy farm that they sold out to Borden and then being a developer/builder in Hillside and Elizabeth NJ, everything from neighborhoods' homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, Ys, stores etc.
Grandma died in a car accident at only fifty-six, six months before I was born, and I was named for her, she too sang in the Synagogue I was told.
Grandpa I did get to know him, I was seven when he died in his late seventies from a second heart attack that first was what had caused the car accident when Grandma died, sad.
My Mom had been married the first time young too to a musician, at eighteen, and had my half-brother when just twenty.
Apparently being in that business was conducive to philandering, and so he did and my Mom got divorced while still young but with a young child. She became a legal secretary to support them, and although my Father's brother was a lawyer that he had put through law school that was not how they met. Dad had also been married before, but his wife had had a heart condition and sadly she died while swimming doing her favorite thing, she was only twenty-nine. Dad was thirty-three when he married Mom a blind date brought he and my Mom together a while before that, my Mom was twenty-nine, and they apparently hit it off and so they fell in love! And as the story goes for years they both wanted a baby, a girl, but my Mom had to have some type of surgery to have me, yep way back then!
I suppose I was worth waiting for, and ten years later I was born.
Basically that is pretty much how this day happened sixty-six years ago today, according to my clock on this laptop I was born in about fifteen minutes then.

Long story, forgive!

Moving on, on to today and now.

And my love brought home to me today a special dinner of lobster, shrimp, scallops and mussels over linguini with a Caesar salad, he had stuffed flounder with a garden salad and baked potato. Both put away in the fridge with half saved for tomorrow.

Key lime pie for my little dessert, yes a tiny pie! Yay!
Yep Red Lobster.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings to spred around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thank you to all my well wishers!
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