New day new doings

Today I did have physical therapy again.
But I must admit this fellow that has been my therapist for my last three sessions appears to be quite determined to help me, how so very nice!
We started at the parallel bars, a reverse of our previous sessions, that I rolled between and he put a step right in front of my feet of the shelf on the chair that holds them. I was told to hold onto the bars and stand, which I did but not for long, my chair is there for support and I am learning not to plop back into it.
The work today that we did mostly were breathing exercises and coping mechanisms for dealing with movement with reversing my spasms while doing exercises.
The yellow band was used for strengthening my upper body by pulling one way to the count of eight and then the other way also to count to eight, also pulling the band outward simultaneously to another count of eight, form is important too as in all exercising.
I have been getting handout papers for my other exercises, but today he gave Hubby the band and showed him what I should be doing so he could help me.

Yes, it does seems that I will be moving better sooner rather than later if PT Jeff has anything to say about it!

Moving on...

After that I rode quickly from the rehab on my trusty ride with a different reason of determination to find another fish for the skirting of white wall above the tile in the new shower; there is still room for three more!

The rusty $1.50 approximately foot long plus fish, if I must say so myself between Hubby spraying it first with white Rustoleum paint, once dry it left me with a clean slate to do my thing!
I chose to use two colors, that vivid blue that we have used throughout for the window frame, shelf with pegs, as well as a pure white paint. I took three plastic small deli containers that we save for all sorts of things from leftovers to paint mixing containers.
Both paints are interior exterior quality; I left one container with the solid blue and the two others with a smidge of white and a little more white in each adding the blue to color of my liking, mixing them carefully to get the shading that I wanted.
Each layer had its texturing utilized for what I pictured as the effect I was going for.
First a solid coating of the darkest shade. Next was a not so perfect hither and yon toning of the medium one, and next the splatter effect from the lightest, lovely in the lightest shade, and last a sprinkling of the pure white on the tips of each fin! Layering with waiting for drying time.
And the piece de resistance was the black acrylic paint applied to the eye for the pupil! 
It now hangs proudly on the long wall of the shower towards the end with its head looking up and that very nighty, nighty black pupil staring back at you!

Any-who, the search continued from Bealls Outlet at the Promenades to Big Lots at another mall that I cannot seem to remember its name, but it also contains that very large chain bookstore as well as Staples etc. and it also has a new Thrift Shop for the Suncoast Humane Society, no fish were to be located anywhere, sadly.

So the search goes on...another day.

We ate our lunch today at Beef O'Brady's also at this shopping place that believe it or not had some healthy choices there and so I had their grilled chicken on a salad, while Hubby had their Reuben, we both had iced water with lemons on the side.

*Do not get them, lemons or limes, in your beverage they say so as not to transfer bacteria, better to squeeze the lemon/lime juice out and discard the rest onto the plate.

From all that we arrived home around two thirtyish.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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