BMI, most years/decades 19, terrific and fit, BMI now 40, about horrendously for a decade now, 35 being obese, over 40+ being morbidly obese. Yes, as I tell everyone I am twice the woman I was, bud dump bum... not so funny anymore.
What to do, what to do?
Here's the question, what would you do?
That is if you already eat healthy.
Veggies, fruits, most fish and chicken very little red meat.
Try not to eat bread, potatoes, corn or pasta too much, in other words carbs.
Do not drink any soda pop, not even diet or wine or liquor.
Only coffee black with stevia, club soda and water with lemon or lime.
Cannot walk due to balance, heat, and strength issues, cannot do water aerobics due to skin cancer, and indoor facilities have too warm water causing more spasms.
If you had the option with financial coverage by your insurance to pay for the sleeve procedure, which is the case, even though you were such a high risk, also high risk for death without it due to shortened lifespan due to obesity, a vascular umbrella: would be also needed to be installed to prevent blood clots that is the case with my particular needs; then what would you do?
The laparoscopic sleeve procedure is what has been recommended for me:

Oh my theory on how I got to this point, quit smoking=first fifty pounds, several times on 1000MG. of SoluMedrol (steroid) for three days at a time over seven years, add in higher doses of Gabapentin and lest not forget the inability to exercise and VOLIA and Ta Da!

Enough details?
But wait! There's more...

And yes, I will be seeing many medical people prior to the surgery, from a phycologist, nutritionist, cardiologist, sleep disorder physician +, etc., as well as diet will be adjusted two weeks prior and other things too all due to how this excellent doctor. I have been given a loose leaf notebook with pages and pages of information. The doctor happens to be American trained in his field, who is fairly local to me, twenty-four miles away in Venice, Florida, Dr. Chabli does these bariatric surgeries as his primary surgeries and according to whomever he treats for their specific needs he chooses what is appropriate for them.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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