What does it mean when you call a number that has a recording saying...

...that they are not allowed to answer this number at this hour, and the hour was four P.M. and the number called was in the same time zone?
I oddly enough received the obscure number believe it or not just somehow appearing in the allotted area on the top of this blog space for my title.
Strange, but for some reason on the drop down that automatically occurs when I begin to write up there also has my home phone number, and a few other things that I have no idea why it has happened there. (And no, I did not put them there, especially my private home number!)
I've filled in tonight's title or I would tell you what the other items are, but now it is not accessible.
Just one of those curiosities.

I did initiate reverse number lookup for that curious one, and it is a cell phone in Sarasota, about fifty miles from here, but stupidly the "FREE" lookup wants a small payment to give you the rest of the information like name of the user's address etc.; may I ask why it calls its service "FREE"?

I do know when I have received suspicious/non-recognizable numbers on my caller I.D. before on either the cell or landline I have tried to find out their origins and met up with the same frustrating dead end that is unless the caller identifies themselves of course, but many are hang-ups not wrong numbers because they happen again and again.
Any suggestions out there?

Right now daily we are receiving annoying calls from India or at least the callers' accents sound like India British stating they work for Microsoft and want to give us technical advice for a cost, some days as many as four or five calls!
We either do not say anything and hang up, yell at them to stop calling, or tell them we do not want, need or have asked for any help!
I did read on CenturyLink that we do have a blocking system by hitting, *87 then redial their number for it to go into affect. I suppose most blocks could be similar, but I really don't know, since we never had to use one before.
I suppose our cell phone company has a similar blocking system will have to check on that, but on the cells it is not that frequent.
Have any of you had any similar problems, and if so how did you stop them?

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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