Videos online from Facebook friends or from different sites are usually

We are a fun loving bunch truly!
And when life's horrible realities make it so difficult, at times, too many it seems lately, to go on...Silly videos can take us on a short respite to forget for a while and remember what joy can be like, hmm?
The news is scary almost any day we watch.
More so if you are personally involved with any of the headline participants.
What I am trying to say, perhaps not so eloquently is that in death we must also look to the future, in the aftermath of all the sadness the survivors must physically and mentally go on, a given.
I can relate by loss of my parents who I love dearly still and miss terribly daily, although gone for over thirty years!
Love for anyone you hold dear is difficult when especially they have passed on.

Lately an old friend, she is not old in age for she is younger than my sons, six years younger than my eldest, in fact she is Number One's ex-girlfriend that we have all stayed friends with and she has since married a fine man and had a little darling girl and she has recently been sending me silly doggy videos, cute!
I suppose she sends them to others too, not just me.
Any-who, I have found that the Netflix streaming has been very fun too, not just Bones or certain HGTV, but Lakefront Bargain Hunters, and International Bargain Hunters etc. I have been enjoying too. For Father's Day I added on another screen for two dollars a month @ $9.99, and got rid of the movies via snail mail and the $8.99 a month. Two screens enables us to stream different shows at the same time, including some older movies.
Right now we have to watch the same thing, but it switches over the day after tomorrow, since our free month is done tomorrow.
I believe we can change this too if for some reason we aren't happy.
Life is in flux, always changing.
This is something we must all remember.
And at times it appears to change too quickly.
So learn from this flow; oh I don't know, just try to know that we must all go on as long as we have a breath to breathe! Yes that's the ticket, keep on going no matter what happens, yep Nike it, "Just Do It!"

Love to all, be well, peace and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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