Back to pysical therapy!

Also back to my old original therapy place, sports and rehab where I had been going for OT, PT NMT for years and years nearly twenty, since 1997, and most recently, a while back for independent exercise.
I don't recall if I had gone into detail why I had not been able to go to the other out patient facility, affiliated with my in home care, but they had only one handicap parking spot and getting an appointment when the doctor in the other office wasn't seeing patients was only in the too hot afternoon when my spasms went crazy!
So I had requested going back to this facility, since they had many handicap spots being in a shopping complex and they also were able to give me morning appointments before it got too hot!

So any-who, I was once again evaluated, and begun a preliminary exam that showed my therapist a bit of what my situation is; he did a neurological assessment as all before had. Interesting new fellow the same age as our eldest, Number One Son, but of Russian ethnicity, he had come to America twenty-four years ago at the age of twenty and that is why he has maintained his accent that was very nice to listen to, and to Florida five years ago via Pennsylvania, his name had confused me at first being Vitaly, Italian for vital.
He said that I might be seeing other therapists every time that I go there, and I said yes I knew that.
My spasms in spite of my morning appointment went crazy during trying to use the even parallel bars, and even prior to that during the assessment, thigh, chest, back spasms all horrible!

The temperature there appeared to be even tempered, usually seventy degrees Fahrenheit, I think, it used to be (did not physically look), not too cold or hot, just right.
I have no idea why these spasms are increasing and becoming more frequent, unless it's just the way my Multiple sclerosis is going as part of the Secondary Progressive form?
Frustrating, I have been taking my medication for spasms, Baclofen 60 mg. and Gabapentin(Neurontin) 1200 mg. daily.
I hate to think that I would need more.
My reasoning in going to PT, physical therapy is twofold for the pain and preventing atrophy too soon.

Moving on...

Anyway, in spite of me doing my gyrations we went into Beall's Outlet to look at their bedding department and I found a new mattress protector in king for our bed for twenty bucks!
We love our king size bed, but over the many years we have had it, nearly thirty with new mattresses periodically, the bedding has been quite expensive, so whenever I can find a deal on sheets or comforters etc. I go for it!
We got it not because of little ones crawling into bed with us, the boys were too old then, it was actually due to our live animal menagerie of dogs and cats!
And now that I gained so much weight it is roomier for Hubby and me.
Gus, our Havanese mix rescue, has his own plush store bought floor bed, since he was a bit vicious when disturbed while sleeping by biting us due to what we think is PTSD!

After the stop at Beall's Outlet in the same shopping center as my therapy we ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, Hubby had a chicken pot pie and I had trout!

Then we returned home where I went right to bed since my spasms and body needed the rest and here I am once again writing tonight!  

Love to all, be well, peace and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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