News, news, and more news!

The outcry is, "I'm not a politician! So vote for me."
As Hubby says, "Yep, you just want to become one!"
These "non-political", people running for office appear to be "non-knowledgeable" too!
If all the politically experienced people cannot maneuver through the systems of bureaucracy how can people without knowledge of how the system works, work to accomplish anything? 
Just a thought.

Have you heard the latest spewing's from the Frothy Orange Haired Guy, and his awful accusations?
Sure you have, everyone has.
He is making us an international joke!

Many wonder why I have so many Facebook friends, when they are much more selective than me with their choices.
Previously I went into great detail explaining why someone like me would have five thousand Facebook friends, but now I feel I must add into those reasons is my feelings to truly get feedback from the world at large as how we as Americans are seen through their eyes.
And the results are extremely upsetting.
Sure I do not hear from all five thousand only a small minute group of people who at one time I believe probably felt we were an amazing land of good people with decent reputations and attitudes of all encompassing, safe and happy place, a true melting pot that someday they would like to visit first hand if not having been here in their recent past.
Today we are a land of fear and ignorance, meaning very dangerous with stupid people at the helm of our government or trying to be in charge of it, we currently lack their respect significantly!
The repair for this embarrassing feeling and expressed opinions is that we have to find the right way to change!
Al Roker this morning on the Today Show, said that in democracy we will always have problems, due to everyone having rights and freedom to do what they "feel" is right and that includes saying whatever they want to.
Frustrating just the same.

My feelings have been hurt on a grand scale!
And I have taken some action to try to change things for the better/safer America that I remember from childhood, I signed a petition today and you can too:
And that makes me feel better, with the hope of making a real change.
You too can sign the petition to help, and we as Americans will be grateful, by being a place where everyone anywhere will know they can safely travel to visit us!

On that note love to all, peace, be well, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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