Another day of wishing for the same thing

Too many lives have been lost.
All ages.
From every walk of life.
Had theirs taken, they had no right, no one does.
One of my Facebook friends said it so simply asking why have we had to say over and over again that our thoughts and prayers are with the surviving families? Too often too familiar and too many times!

No one should be a member of a "surviving" family due their family member being killed!
No one should have lost someone due to being killed by gun fire.
No one should have been lost due to terrorism.
No one should be KILLED by anyone due to HATE!
No one should HATE except all of the ones that have had to deal with the haters end results of hating on their FAMILY! And then not do what they did once those emotions are validated by all who also have suffered that horrid brutality.
No one should have to explain to those left behind how they died, when there is no good or right reason to justify why it happened.
No one should not vote to change things for the better.
No one who is an elected official should be swayed by the NRA or any other groups to make them NOT vote to make life better/safer for all Americans and win back respect in the world!
No one should know within the next ten years why or what guns were used for, but then used unloaded for doorstops, odd looking hammers, or melted down and recycled into more useful products.
No one should know what ammunition within those next ten years, perhaps for medical use in cauterizing wounds from household injuries, oh I don't know, blow them up into fireworks 
No one on a terror watch list should escape closer scrutiny, but they should be held without bail until thoroughly being analyzed by a psychiatric physician over several months in a secure facility!
No one on a terror watch list should be able to legally attain any weapons of any kind!

These are some of my thoughts and concerns, more will probably come to me as I continue to observe where we went wrong once again as the news reports from the negligent parties in all aspects of the land that I do love and look to them for answers not excuses.
We need to change these horrific outcomes.
That is all.

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