NRA listen to all of us Americans PLEASE!

You had me with your near logic of guns don't kill people, people kill people!
Of course inanimate objects do not have the ability to kill, scissors, butcher knives, automobiles, hammers, pressure cookers with shrapnel cannot kill without a mad lunatic using them to destroy people with their so many reasons in their twisted brains.
That said we are looking very bad to the world; today I posted the horrific news about the 29 year-old Florida man who with his legally gotten automatic weapon who killed fifty people and injured fifty-three more, many critically in an Orlando Gay night club in the wee hours of this morning.
Due to his hate of Gay people, as per his father reported he did this ghastly deed, and was killed too, thankfully in order to be stopped!
SWAT and FBI as well as local Sheriff's and Police Departments all took part in the take down of this one lone gunman with a weapon not used for sport or hunting but for ONLY killing other human beings!
I have many concerns with all this happening the worst in our country's history by the way; that was for our New Zealand and Australian friends who verbally dueled with me today semantically speaking and they with proof of our lack of concern with dealing with guns for anyone and having the most per ratios of people here!
They proved most upsettingly to me that their countries were safer than ours due to their lack of allowing guns.
 And of course I defended our country saying most of us are good people and do not wield weaponry and kill others due to unjust hatred or any other reasons!
But they insisted that we were a very dangerous country due to our easily attained guns.
And you know something... yup they were right.
Our ability to do background checks has proven over and over again that it is not good enough!
And nasty/dangerous/angry/mentally unstable people are getting their hands on killer machines and using them whenever they feel they can!

 The slaughter of innocent people has been amplified and the news has been carried throughout the world screaming to nonrelated outsiders we here in the good ole USA have a severe problem with GUNS!
Domestic terrorism, scary hmm?
Yes a home grown person who destroys what we all cherish our realization of feeling safe in our literal backyard.
My other concern may shock people, but it must be said; is it possible that some of the dead in this horrendous happening of this past night of horrors could be horridly dead due to friendly fire from SWAT needing to get in to save the people?
Just one of those frightening questions that might come up, since the body count was so high for one shooter, I'm just wondering...

Now that that is out there I suppose no backsies are possible.
Who knows, but this time WE ALL CARE!
Dear friends of the world, every time something like this happens not just here but anywhere we all want to change things, but living in America, a democracy with so many government officials and houses and the senate and the president who has tried to get tougher laws passed but has hit brick walls... it is truly a hell of a job, we need our political leaders to rise up and make the laws that most want to happen to make us a safer healthier and happier and more respected worldwide nation, dear people of our land's laws DO SOMETHING NOW, NOT LATER!
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